Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Teaching makes it worthwhile.....

I love this article and wanted to share it with others....

Sharing your stories and sharing yourself -- in the end that's what's important...

Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I was reading on: Cyrus' Blather's site and found this little puzzle... I thought I'd pass it along...

Heads, or Tails?:

You have three items (call them 'a', 'b' and 'c') that you want to choose any one from without bias. If you had a fair three sided die, you could assign an item to each side of the die, then simply toss the die once and pick the item that it lands on.

However, you don't have such a fair three sided die. Instead, you have a fair two sided coin. Note: 'fair' means 'there is an equal chance of coming up heads or tails'. Can you come up with an algorithm that uses said coin in order to pick any one of those items with equal probability?

Have fun!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I love the U2 song "All because of you". The words and meaning are very religious and deep. There's always hope and meaning if you search for it in your life.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Amazon has the book for about $20 JBoss Developer Notebook

Get'em while there hot... or get-'em at the JavaOne conference at the end of this month...

Friday, June 03, 2005

The JBoss Developer Notebook is now listed on O'Reilly's Developer Notebook site and I'm so excited to see it show up there. So cool! All I can think is WOW, it's finally almost here....

Norman Richards who works for JBoss asked if I'd like to write it with him back in October of last year. You may know Norman from his other books, XDoclet in Action and the JBoss 4.0 the Official Guide. Anyway, I had a great time working with Norman. Boy was it a learning experience!

Anyway, I hope it sells really well and I hope that people find it incredibly useful. I know I learned a lot of stuff about my favorite J2EE app server while we wrote it.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

My son is visiting for his first of two summer visits and I'm so happy. I miss him a lot when he's gone. When I picked him up earlier, he was playing and had camouflage all over his face. (He loves to play army man) Anyway, we're going to get some dinner as soon as he gets done with his bath. He had played hard all day it looked like. Anyway, kids have a way of going right to your heart. I can hear him in the bath talking about 'diving time' (pretending to be a submarine). I love to hear him playing and pretending. He's got such a rich imagination.
Active Grid - Lamp based App Server

Interesting interview is found here: IT Conversations Active Grid Interview